Volunteer information

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Volunteer information

Volunteers may be used in a variety of ways in SCAS, but the following are the most frequent volunteering opportunities available.  

  • Community First Responders (CFR’s) – individuals who volunteer to provide a limited emergency response in their communities helping us to respond to patients more quickly than we may be able to otherwise. 
  • Volunteer Car Drivers (VCD’s) – supporting the transport of mobile patients to and from hospital appointments. 
  • SCAS Charity Volunteers – individuals who volunteer to help with any aspect of the charities activities 

Download the SCAS guidance for volunteers

The purpose of this document is to set out the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) policy for including volunteers in its work and to set out the general principles and guidelines for volunteering, to ensure consistent standards and good practice.

where we are recruiting

We are currently recruiting Community First Responders (CFRs) in the following areas:

East Hampshire

We do not currently have any CFR vacancies in East Hampshire.  Further opportunities may be available from August 2022.  

West Hampshire

We do not currently have any CFR vacancies in West Hampshire.  Further opportunities may be available from August 2022.  





Reading South





Beaconsfield / Holtspur

Bourne End

Edlesborough / Pitstone

Milton Keynes

Wycombe / Loudwater






Wantage / Gove


Register your interest in volunteering

Are you interested in volunteering with SCAS Charity? There are lots of ways to get involved. Use our quick and easy online form to register your interest, you can select on of the following roles: 

  •  Community First Responder  
  •  Volunteer Car Driver  
  •  Helping out in the charity office (Thame) 
  • Volunteering at Events 
  • Collecting box co-ordinator  
  • Supporting our community fundraising initiatives 
  • Organising my own fundraising event. 
If you would like to be involved with us in a role not listed above, please email info@sca-charity.org.uk. 

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