Corporate volunteering

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Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering gives employees a change of scenery from their day-to-day job and the chance to learn something new and enhance their local ambulance service whilst doing so. Other benefits from volunteering include:  

      • A boost in team morale 
      • Increases individual productivity 
      • Supports and delivers CSR objectives
      • Have fun, create memories, and have stories to share from learning 
      • Positively impacts their local ambulance service (which none of us know when we may need it)

If your business or place of work offers staff volunteering days, we would be delighted to discuss opportunities with you and look to identify an appropriate opportunity.  

It is important to us that any corporate volunteering activity developed is both meaningful and impactful. Therefore, through conversations together we can tailor a volunteer experience suitable for your colleagues, SCAS NHS Foundation Trust and the charity.  

Some examples of corporate volunteering activities with us could include:  

      • Refreshing one of our ambulance stations with a bit of painting and decorating to make the environments for our colleagues a little more welcoming.   
      • Giving some of our outside spaces a bit of care so our colleagues can have a bit of tranquillity during their breaks.   
      • Helping at a fundraising event. 
      • Assisting our fundraising team securing items for events using your contacts, this could be achieved in the format of a scavenger hunt.  
      • Skill sharing 

** Please note whilst the ambulance service continues to be under immense pressure, corporate volunteer opportunities that require attendance at any of SCAS site remain on hold. **  

Want to discuss corporate volunteering?

If you want to discuss corporate volunteering in further detail please contact get in touch.