BASICS - Enhanced Care Volunteers

South Central Ambulance Charity is an NHS Charity. 

BASICS - Enhanced Care Volunteers

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) have a newly formed volunteer scheme, comprising of experienced Paramedics and Nurses who are employees of SCAS, but choose to volunteer their time outside of their normal role and working day, in order to provide enhanced patient care, which includes advanced pain relief, monitoring and other advanced interventions.

The SCAS Charity are pleased to support this group of staff, which will grow in time, by providing assistance with funding for certain pieces of equipment – which is within our objective, as this life-saving service is entirely over and above that provided by the NHS and statutory funding.

Some of the ways in which the charity support the scheme include provision or part provision of funds for items such as:

  • LUCAS Chest Compression devices – for use in cardiac arrests
  • Advanced patient monitoring equipment
  • Advanced airway equipment
  • Some items of uniform / personal protective equipment

This team relies heavily on charitable donations to enable them respond to some of the most critically ill and injured patients we see. We have recently been lucky enough to have a fully liveried response vehicle donated to the SCAS charity by Smarter Metering Services to enable this team to respond quickly, with all the equipment they need.

The team are still growing and the demand for their expertise and assistance is growing too. We are looking to continue to raise funds over the coming months to ensure they are even better equipped to help save lives and will be looking to support them in purchasing the following items:

  • Equipment bags – £300
  • Ultrasound equipment – £3500
  • Ventilators – £3600
  • Personal protective equipment – £950

The scheme works with the British Association for Immediate Care Schemes (BASICS) who assist with the organisation of such volunteers schemes across the UK.