Corporate fundraising

Corporate fundraising

Corporate Fundraising and Partnerships

South Central Ambulance Charity is in a privileged position of operating across four large counties of the South; Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxford where it is home to thousands of businesses both big and small.  

We consider ourselves a small regional charity BUT leaving a big lasting impact to our colleagues and volunteers at South Central Ambulance Service in addition to the communities we serve in.   

SCAS does not receive any NHS Government funding to support the Community First Responder programme which is delivered with over 1000 volunteers dedicating to improving and saving lives of others in their own time.  South Central Ambulance Charity needs to raise £300,000 each year to ensure this vital programme is available. We rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to generate this income to help save even more lives. Without the money raised people will have to wait much longer for an ambulance which will affect their recovery.  

No matter how big or small your business is we would be delighted to hear from you to discuss how we could work together. For further information relating to corporate support please get in touch with our senior fundraiser Tammy Angus.  


  • Being apart of the NHS community and respected brand  
  • Have access to live saving training sessions in CPR and defibrillation awareness 
  • Inspiring volunteer opportunities and storied from the frontline 
  • A chance to enhance your local ambulance service as none of us know when we may require support whether that being 111 or 999.  

Businesses are increasingly seeking to enhance their corporate social responsibility objectives and we as a regional charity we are equally keen to build relationships with our corporate community across the South.   

Below we have highlighted a number of ways your company can partner with South Central Ambulance Charity:  

We would be delighted if you could adopt South Central Ambulance Charity as your Charity of the year partner. We will work together in the essence of true partnership to create a programme of fundraising initiatives that will inspire and excite your staff and customers.   

Being a charity partner is a great way to engage your staff, raise your profile, learn about the impact of a local regional charity, have fun ALL whilst improve the lives of others.  

Could your business donate a proportion of the profits to us from the sale of a particular product or service. We can work together to identify the best way to achieve this.  

This mutually beneficial collaboration could help boost your sales, promote your business and make others aware of South Central Ambulance Charity within your community and networks. 

We can collaborate and work with you to ensure all appropriate legal agreements are in place to allow the partnership to run smoothly.   

Support us through your business sales

If you run or work for a small business, we understand that you’re pulled in all manner of directions, so we’re incredibly grateful when we hear you want to support us through your venture and donate just by doing the work you already do.

We’ve found an even easier way for your small business to donate to us, through the sales of your products and services. You can choose the amount and frequency of your donations – plus, with no minimum (or maximum!) donation amount, it encourages flexible fundraising for you as a small business to give as you grow.

By pledging your donation via our Work for Good page, we can keep track of your wonderful support and you can join the small business community by donating in a legal, simple and sustainable way that works for you and your business.

We’d love to join you on your journey – if you’d like to start supporting us, simply sign up and pledge your donation here.

Does your employer offer match funding? Ask them and find out. This could increase your final donation to South Central Ambulance Charity.    

You don’t have to have any bright ideas initially; you just need to want to support your local ambulance charity. Our Senior Fundraising Officer – Tammy Angus can work with you to create a plan and offer inspiration.  

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Do you want to work with us through your business in another way which is not listed? We encourage new ideas of partnership working and would be delighted to talk through any innovative thoughts you may. Please get in touch with Tammy Angus 07795237516