Community First Responders supporting “Safe Drive Stay Alive”


In November 2022, several Community First Responders (CFR) from Buckinghamshire supported “Safe Drive Stay Alive” in High Wycombe and Milton Keynes.

“Safe Drive Stay Alive” is a hard hitting educational piece that is delivered to 2000 teenagers per show. Its aim is to raise their awareness of the dangers and possible long term outcomes of reckless driving and/or driving whilst under the influence. Powerful videos, live testimony from emergency services personnel, survivors, bereaved parents, barristers and prison inmates all serve to demonstrate how one, seemingly, simple choice made when getting behind the wheel of a car can have devastating, life-changing consequences.

Due to the hard hitting impact of the show some members of the audience do need to leave the auditorium and that is when our CFR team are ready to step in. Some of the audience needed time out and an opportunity to chat through what they had witnessed and others required treatment for fainting, nausea and dizziness.

Simon Everitt, CFR in High Wycombe, had the privilege of being one of our team at these shows and said “As a new CFR, it was a privilege to work with my colleagues to help ensure that everyone is properly looked after and then returned to their school cohort once fully recovered. I hope that this well put together work will influence future behaviours and will lead to lives being saved in the future”