Community engagement and training team​

Community first responders

Community engagement and training team​

The operational deployment, training, recruitment and management of our Community First Responders is the remit of SCAS’s Community Engagement and Training Team.  Officers working in all five of our areas work closely with all our volunteers and ensure all responders are fully equipped to deal with incidents they are sent to. 

The Head of Operations for the Community Engagement Team is Nic Dunbar.  Nic is based at Bracknell Ambulance Station and leads the development of the team.  Nic is supported by two Operations Managers.  David Hamer is the Operations Manager in the North covering Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire and Jack Ansell is the Operations Manager in the South covering East and West Hampshire. 

The Community Engagement and Training Officers (CETOs) in the regions are: 


Tracy Mould – CETO 

Dave Cave – Assistant CETO  

Oxfordshire Ben Cole – CETO 

Richard Rolfe – Assistant CETO  


Berkshire Ben Westley – CETO 

Christopher Nicholls – Assistant CETO  


East Hampshire Dean Woodford – CETO 

Keith Mitchell – Assistant CETO  


West Hampshire Terry Kane – CETO 

Dan Major – Assistant CETO  


Military & Fire  

Co-Responders Steve Gooch – CETO 

Steve Lee – Assistant CETO 


Residential Homes 

Training & Support Dan Hiscock – Assistant CETO 

CFR Logistics Phil Simmonds